Simple But Effective Ways To Optimize Your Online Business

In this post i will cover the key factors that will turn your idea into complete online business.

Every time you see people with successful online businesses, you’ll immediately realize that they are understanding something that others don`t. This is because they see the purpose of the business, to earn money. And they focused only on that, not everything else.

As compared to a regular 9 to 5 job, you might think sometimes that being a business owner is easy. You tend to admire your boss for being on his position. However, you don’t realize that it is very hard for him to think about his expenses, including your salary. As one of his employees, you really don’t mind if his business fails because you know you can still find another job later.

Apparently, this is one of the major mistakes of the new guys who start up online. Instead of putting more focus on how to actually make the business go round, and increase the conversion. They worry about the less important things, that don`t result in any results!

How should you run your online business?


Well, you can start by understanding how you can satisfy the needs of your audience. Then, make a convincing call-to-action. Once you understand what really interests them, and what they want solutions for, you can easily think of ways on how you can promote your content to them. In doing so, you are actually helping them, rather than using them.

When you hear the term “sales funnel,” there are a lot of things that can enter into your mind. But for me, it’s about introducing different products that works together automatically,  a automated system that will not require you to meet people; or being there in real time.

I must admit; as a customer myself, there was a time that I did not like this “sales funnel” technique, probably because of my earlier experience, as it appears to be “pushing” me to buy. I did not like up-selling and cross-selling. But as I learn more, I started to understand how much difference these tactics was producing income wise, and understand why they was there in the first place. I still don`t like them, but I like the idea of automatisation, and have started to using the principle in other ways.

My “funnel” version  on my website homepage for example; it gives you my free ebook for my visitors email. Which in addition to learn you valuable information includes an affiliate link to a relevant service you need. It also provided a link to my blog. So if you find the content to be useful to you, you will most likely return to my blog. It’s a simple as that! No hard-selling; no forcing to buy; no fancy sales pitch. Instead, it’s about providing useful information and clear solutions to stubborn problems. And only promote stuff you use self, and actually mean people will get value out of.

Know the Purpose of your Website


Yes, your own website is a good start for your sales funnel. This is where you present your ideas to your audience in a way that those who becomes interested can contact you directly. You will always have one income stream – your customer pays as you deliver. Although you can also ask for referrals and recommendations and get more customers, the result will always be based on what you put in, is what you get back.

Start looking at your homepage visitors as guest at your door, when they enter your site, some one have to meet and welcome them. Once your site create a experience for them first time visiting, “showing them around” trough automated steps, your site will automatically work for you. And will as an bonus give you opportunities for multiple income streams.

Now you start selling actively 24/7, instead of  passively. Waiting for customers to throw money on you.

Your website should have a goal for your visitors. Otherwise, it will be a lonely place where you simply dump pieces of information.

When you log-in to your online bank account, your goal is not to learn stuff. In fact, you want to know if your finances are in order.
Different sites has different goals, but since your goal is to sell something, you should set up your site after that goal. Just like the online bank makes it easy for you.

What particular goals do your visitors want to achieve?


If you want your web visitors to trust your content, you should first understand your goals for them. Most web design problems have been solved before. A lot of effective solutions have been applied over and over again until they become conventional. But still, better solutions come in to replace them. And as more complex problems arise, most of them need original and bolder solutions. But that does not change the fact that most successful online businesses do the exact same thing in terms of structure.

Each time you have a visitor on your website, your major concern is whether you’re on the right track to help them reach his goal or not. If you’re sure you are, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you have doubts, there are a couple of things that tend to happen. You  continue to search for what you want until you give up, you  exit the site right away.

Now, here are 3 important questions you need to ask yourself for you to know if your website is structure right?

  • What’s is it?
  • What’s it for?
  • To whom is it for?

How To talk to welcome your visitors


Most people have the wrong mentality about selling online. They think that buyers lose, and that the sellers win because they get paid. Yes, it can be true, many people know how much you can earn on a course, and make a course about “earning money online” even before they have earned something themselves, and it exist a lot of bad courses/ebooks out there.

But this is only negative if you have bought the wrong product or sell/promote something that doesn’t add value to your costumers life. But if the product is very useful, customers will even thank you for the changes your product has given them, and its a win-win situation.

Check your copy and think about the words you have used. Imagine removing some words that even without them, your copy can still convey your message. The shorter you make things, the better it is. Stating the obvious and repeating things twice makes it very boring to read. But if you prefer writing long text, just make sure that it is more thrilling to read as it gets longer and longer.

Unfortunately, millions of websites today are totally opposite on what their goals should be – to inform and to influence as many people as possible from the “solutions” target group.

Here’s the problem. Most website owners and web designers don’t realize how much they can do to make their sites more powerful than they appear to be.

Proven effective marketing techniques can be used again and again. Your marketing strategy does not really need to be totally unique. If a existing technique is working,  you don’t need to change anything about it. Just accept that certain tactics works very well, so find your approach using it in your business.

We always admire a wonderful web design because it looks good in our eyes. Sometimes, we cannot help but dub the graphic designer as a good artist. But this does not mean visitors are really persuaded to buy a product or get the service being offered to them. It still depends on the content and how they are convinced that they can solve their problems.

Numbers don’t lie


Doing business online makes it a lot easier to track numbers, free tools as google analytics gives us every information we need to perfect the purpose of our site.

Bounce Rate

If you are using Google Analytics for your site, bounce rate is the percentage of your web visitors who arrive on your on a certain page of your multi-page site but left from the same page. In short, your readers decided not to visit more pages. A high bounce rate could many many thing. However, it is usually being associated with the poor performance of that page, with its content probably not compelling enough to convince the readers to view other pages.

Exit rate

Exit rate is the percentage of your web visitors who left your site from a particular page. But unlike bounce rate, it does not mean they also landed on that page. It is also possible that visitors visited other pages of your website. Having a high exit rate may be due to a lot of reasons, but could be that one factor that help you identify a traffic leak that may affect your funnel conversation.

Bringing attention to numbers are crucial working on your inline business. It starts when you have new visitors who check out your information. This attention can create more attention, or can easily run out if they did not find what they are looking for. If this happens, they are more likely to leave your site. You just lost your chance to create a conversion.

Yes, that’s it. All your website needs to do is to answer one simple question. The faster the question is answered; the more attention it can create, which will get your readers be more interested in climbing up the Awareness Ladder.

This is like viewing every single page of your site as a form of advertisement, but without those flashy words. You need to tell your readers what it is and how it can help them. With this approach, you can easily deliver big results by breaking a huge commitment into three smaller, easier steps.

  • Get your readers Attention.
  • Keep them Engaged.
  • Call-to-Action.