Starting business online

Many self-proclaimed experts share habit-changing solutions that are difficult to follow and are not really producing long-lasting results. If you want to start an online business, a common problem that you will encounter is that you will not be taking actions fast and consistently as you should. It`s easy to miss judge the needed effort with your desired results. We often see people starting business online, but how do they get the from the idea, to the finished site, product or solution?

So in this post, I will try something different. I will share to you some small changes that you can apply in your strategy, which you can implement right away and will greatly affect your ability to take fast actions.


To get yourself to do something, it is normal to doubt the “just do it” advise, since they require of us to try something new. Even do we tend to completely overlook this kind of answers, consciously and unconsciously. Most of the time, we expect to hear something more appealing to our ears and want to hear advices that are easier to do. That way, we can stay in our comfort box and can blame others for our misfortune.

First of all, you should be responsible for your lack of action. Swallow your pride and admit that your holding yourself back. Otherwise, you will always assume that you don’t need to change. What you have today is the result of what you did yesterday. So if you want changes, you should also change how you look, and execute things.

As a hobby entrepreneur, we tend to to most of the work in our minds, we creating something that we “one day” will make into something real, but it never happens. You want real results? Then you have consistently be aware of your…

1. Time

Start doing tasks according to priority and its impact to your business. Spending time on activities that do not add a building brick for your business is a waste of time. And are really common in the start.

Sometimes, we think that some tasks like creating a quality content to make sales (like this, for example) and reaching out to people are not worth our time. Instead, we think that other tasks such as research, design, register our business legally, and preparing business cards should be done first.


But what we really are doing is procrastinating the real action, we get result from, Make/promote a product, and deliver it to the right people.

Yes, you can spend years thinking about this. But without an automated online business, you might end up wasting your time just playing around. Look at it as a car, if you missing a wheel, or gas nothing nothing is going to work. Your business is the same way. Rush the fact that your money idea is a model, that you can change, and improve over time.

How many percent of your time do you spend in finding a solution or responding to other tasks?

How many percent of your time do you spend in escaping from your responsibilities?
Sometimes, you might have good visions for your future. But when you starting thinking about the problems that may arrive and the many tasks you should do, you move backwards or you tend to be lazy. Then the next day, you’re return on your 8-hour job that you hate so much and the purpose and passion is gone.
But if you really value your time, then you start investing it doing the tasks that can create a huge impact for your business idea. And stop worrying about the future.

Know that if you do result driven task here and there, your business will be build over time.

Examples of high preforming task is:

Research a low competition market and how you can make your idea profitable.
Create a compelling business website and put high quality content on it.
Set up a income stream.
Test new strategies and test the numbers, to know witch of them that improves your conversion.
Establish a bond with your readers.
Expand your reach
For every action, you also need to perform some sub-actions:

It takes more than one step to “build a compelling business website” for example, share it up to smaller tasks:

Get a reliable hosting service
Install WordPress
Look for an cool theme design
Find out how you wanted it to look like
Hire a web designer to change it as you want
But yes, I understand. You may think that rating what is important and breaking your tasks into smaller tasks are not parts of what you call as “solutions.” You think that the hardest part of a task to just execute it.

Well, here’s the painful truth. If you think that you can achieve your goal on a silver platter, you’re absolutely wrong. If someone would hand you a ready-made business for you, you wouldn’t appreciate anyway. The real price of success is how you push yourself in mastering new tasks, learn new skills and solving challenges along the way. Once you learn how to create a profitable business, solve problems, and create quality content, you can easily do it again and again.

Sad to say, most of us are escaping from hard work. But what you don’t understand is that it’s much easier to do the hard work than to avoid it. The bigger effort you exert, the bigger payoff you can later receive!

Ironically, doing the things we need to do is actually a million times EASIER than doing our 9-5 jobs. Unfortunately, most of us still continue to do it – every day for the rest of their lives!!!

Here is a fact. We now live in a devastating society where marketing strategies base it selfs on “magic pill,” “instant results,” and “shortcuts.” Most of us don’t want to try something that can make them feel uncomfortable. But sometimes, it has to be that way. If you are scared in taking action, then that action is obviously very important for you. If it is not that important to you, then there will no resistance at all.

You cannot build something without taking action! And since our bodies hates efforts, it makes us feel uncomfortable. We resist on doing things because we are afraid to try. This is the same reason why a lot of hobby entrepreneurs quit, or give the illusion that they are working on something, while they procrastinate and avoid taking action that gives them the result they want.

Now, start to look at others who have already achieved what you always wanted. People who have managed to exert more efforts, and taking more action, and are now ahead of you. They have worked hard enough to get their result. And they deserve it.

2. Focus

If you are doing something that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled, every minute that passes by is like forever, right? On the other hand, time passes very fast if you are doing something you love and you are totally engaged in it. Bottom line? The more focus you put on the things that worry you, the closer you move towards them. The same thing happens if focus on your goal.

Once you starting focusing about negative things, you’ll end up having an unhealthy relationship with your money. If you worry about your future and keep asking yourself, “How can I make my online business cover all my basic needs?” then you are just wasting all your energy for nothing.feeling-tired-and-stressed
These days, everybody seems to catching up with high demands of the digital world. Now, we have a lot of ways to be connected with each other. But even so, we are often not sure where to put our focus. Today, we’re having a hard in giving all our attention in one thing only — or one person only — for a long time. And although we now have more options to choose from, we also have more distractions. They seem to be getting worst and are wasting more of our time despite having more tools in multitasking.

As any experienced meditator would tell us, our mind has a mind of its own. Leave it to wonder freely and that’s what it will do. Once we try to manage the unlimited demands on our attention by trying to juggle them all in our minds, we literally weaken our capacity to focus on the more important things.

Well, this is something that we must be trained over time. But for now, remember that multitasking is a good way in reminding yourself to be more productive. It’s about doing them well or not doing getting them done at all.

Once we divide our attention to a lot of things, we also start to lose our ability to deal with complexity, consistency, details, and depth as well. The word MULTITASKING is only a better term for switch tasking. However, it can also be the worst thing you can do with your attention, and eventually energy.

Your body is sending you different signals, when you need a break, when you are hungry or thirsty, or when you lose focus. But most of time, we tend to do things to override them through temporary ways of getting energy, such as drinking a lot of coffee, and eating foods that are high in sugar etc.

If you want focus on a simple task, you should only do it for 15 minutes up to 30. This is because it is only in that period of time that we use our energy, then we need to recharge again. Our minds also need to be in calm state sometime. Do something relaxing, like taking a shower or work out, maybe some sports to pause, and then get back to a focused 30min with high level of focus.

These days, most people recharge themselves through Facebook or watch TV/Movies, and then go back to what they should do.

I don’t know how many books I have read about this subject. When I was at college, I wrote a book about study technique, and every book I read during my research led me to the same answer but in different packaging.

If you don`t charge your focus, it will burn out. If you do this you can get more things done, in less time but with higher level of engagement.

3. Attention

Your habits will eventually be your automatic when it no longer requires discipline or will power to a certain action. At the start, you have to put some efforts to make it stick, set specific behaviors, at specific times. You should  push yourself over a long period of time to follow this up. Focus on some of the most important tasks in starting a business that I mentioned earlier. Act on them for 15-30 minutes for the next 15 days and see how well you are doing. Use the website:

Fitness training is a very good example. People who are used in doing it will feel bad if they stop going to the gym. But once they go back to their workout sessions again and do it over a long period of time, their body will start to feel the need for exercise.


A lot of good performers are not really aware of their great performances. This is because they have been doing it many times and they have already built their rituals naturally.

However, doing the things that you need to do to make a online business is not only dependent on good habits. It also depends on the environment you create around yourself. Therefore, your attention should also be aimed at your environment, especially if you are practicing new habits.

How much time do you spend each day in responding to emails, checking Facebook, aimlessly surfing news sites, and buying things you don’t really need? How much time do you spend doing stuff online that doesn’t add much value to your life, or in anyone else’s?

Sad to say, we share the same problems with animals once we plan our tasks. We don’t have the freedom to choose pain or to reject pleasure. But then, we want all of actions to make us feel good. Nevertheless, our advantage over animals is that we can aim at a particular goal. We can accept a certain amount of present pain, in exchange to the benefits or pleasure we can enjoy in the future.

This is also how we were able to endure long years of studying in schools. At the back of our minds, we have a picture that someday, we can get a high paying job. By that time, we can reach a certain social status and can receive material things that can somehow compensate with the boredom during our school days.

When you create your own habits, your body and feelings will not agree with you at all, but you should be ready for it. You should still do them even if your body is shouting, NO! People who have quit smoking or have stopped eating junk foods understand what I’m saying. Your mind and body are not good friends sometimes. If this happens a lot, then I would take a wild guess and say you have a lot of result in your life.

Hobby entrepreneurs rarely take actions, and if they do, they usually feel half hearted. They tend to quit once they are about to face obstacles or challenges, and they run right back to their comfort of reading blogs, and paying for programs that promise them shortcuts to success.

But here’s the thing. Simply be aware how you trick your brain to take on boring actions. If you can convince yourself, then one day you will realise that they are really worth doing.

No matter how many times you deny this fact, your mind will always be a servant of your desires. It strongly develops so that it can satisfy your desires. But at the end of the day, you should always remember the reasons why you really want to start your online business.