Amazon devised the first popular affiliate program and today it has the largest number of subscribers – over 900,000 of them.

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Most webmasters that are affiliates of Amazon have indicated that their return on ads produced by Amazon have been disappointing. Amazon pays commission based on the percentage of a sale that is completed by a user who goes through the link on the webmaster’s site. It is not like the popular pay per click method, now made so popular by Google’s Adsense, which pays as soon as an ad, usually a text link, is clicked.


The good thing about the Amazon programme is that when a visitor clicks on one of those ads, the system records the IP address of the visitor, so even if they come back to purchase the product sometime in the future and not straight away, you will still be credited with the sale and thus earn your commission.

Website optimisation

There are some who are reaping great returns being an Amazon affiliate. The difference between the successful affiliates and those who are less successful is not luck, although that plays a part too. However, it is the way the successful webmasters optimise their websites to attract traffic which increases the likelihood of generating leads. Of course, the more clicks the greater number that are likely to end up buying the products advertised.

Niche sites

Some are simply creating niche sites around a single theme and then putting on very relevant ads. This relevancy usually leads to greater user awareness and click-through. An example would be when a webmaster decides to construct a site on computer networking products, which offers a great deal of relevant information. He the places Amazon ads promoting network products. Since the visitors are reading the pages on networking, they are more likely to pages around a single theme and then applying.


Ads to match theme of web pages

If you have a diverse site that contains quality content on a range of separate topics and not concentrated on one particular theme then you are highly advised to put on appropriate ads on those pages that match the theme of the content. This could be done through the product link on your Amazon Associate panel.

If for example you have a page that discusses music then you would do well to have an ad showing newly released CD or something of that nature. This type of Amazon ad is known as product link. The greater the link the more likely you will do well. To get the the maximum commission you have to make sure your links are product links. These are links that directly take the user to a product page that is being advertised.

Implementing Amazon ads

The Amazon links are very easy to implement because the code is already supplied with your site’s ID embedded within the code. This enables Amazon to track all sales leads coming from your site. It simply requires copying and pasting a bit of HTML coding on your web page inthe positions you want them shown. Amazon also provides a comprehensive reporting tool that allows all their affiliates or associates, as they like to call them to monitor their performance.

They can find out which link is performing well and which aren’t. It is good practice to try and replicate the ones that do do well on all your pages as best you can. Also very important is the ability to check whether all you links are working. If they are not, fix them quickly or they will be sitting there in an idle state.