The best Investments For Your Future

If you want to buy something, you have to work hard first, right?
Without work, you cannot earn money to spend, am I right again?

Well, you can  still buy things even if you don’t have enough money.
For the past 30 years of working, most of the world  have perfected this – increasing our debt.

By doing so, you were able to buy things and satisfy your lifestyle without working too much.
Study dept is the first dept most of us grow, then often house, car and other necessities give us no choice creating more dept along the way.   Many of us create credit card dept in addition to all the above.

But this is the problem. The banks and credit card companies have also perfected their strategy in lending but later charging you with super high interest. To add to the problem, if you’re one of those 80%  who don`t like your jobs worldwide, you have to force yourself to do the job that you hate just to pay your debt you did not wanted in the first place!  Not a ideal situation, eh?


Here’s another painful truth. If you are tired with your job, you tend to spend more. You spend money in buying unnecessary things. You buy the latest gadgets, branded clothes, or take an expensive vacation. Sad to say, many of people do these bad habits to fight stress and to escape from their work to begin with.

If you are now in this situation or you feel that you’re likely to be in this situation soon, you better act now, it’s never too late. But if you don’t know how, you can start by understanding the 2 best investments that will greatly affect your lifestyle over time.

1. Invest in free education

Most people believe that education is the best investment ever invented. If you have a good education, you can land a good job and earn big money. But here’s a clear fact. Not all educated people earn good money, and not all who did not finish school end up poor.

Generally speaking, education is a good investment, but only if you don’t grow debt. Completing a degree does not only result into a handsome resume; it also opens new doors of better opportunities. The best thing with an education is that you could end up with a job you actually like.


Today there are now tons of free online courses to choose from, you can easily study free, or for a very low cost online. A lot of students already obtained a degree online, which most of us thought would be impossible. Taking online courses makes you more flexible because you can easily choose which one really interests you the most. In doing so, you can easily find a more targeted  job that you like.

Here are the best universities that offer free online courses:

Academic Earth


Khanac Ademy



Yale Online

Berkeley Online


In a 2012 report, Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor and the author of “The Innovative University” predicted that there will be “wholesale bankruptcies” among standard universities over the next decade.

Likewise, Sebastian Thrun, CEO and co-founder of Udacity, a for-profit educational organization that offers free online courses, predicted that only ten universities will be left in the world in 50 years.

2. Invest in creating your own income

Since only a few people love their jobs, it is motivating to see people who are creating their own.

It’s actually taking actions and investing in value creation. When your created value post a great effect on others, money easily comes in as a result. This is information others can use, learn or adapt.


Once you have understand that one key , you can easily do it over and over again. But while you are doing it, you don’t think about the money that you can make out of it. In fact, you initially don’t expect to make money because all you do is to focus on how you can produce something of use.

Most of successful business owner don’t prioritize what they can do for others, they prioritise increasing the money flowing in the business, but they also know that the income depends on the value created for the customers. But rather than creating valuable products, they often use their marketing to get their customers to perceive the products as valuable so they can increase their prices.

Remember this; the more valuable things you create for others, the more income you will earn. This will get you to at least create something. People can`t solve their problem from your ideas and future plans .  This is why you should now change your attitude. Start to think of ways on how you can solve other’s problems on a specific topic and launch a website about it, that all.

I believe that the safest payback from an investment in terms of profit, is real estate. The problem is that very few have the ability to even consider that kind of investment. But what real estate and a online businesses share is that they work as assets. Something that throws of cash, and increase in value at the same time. It is from an investment perspective, a no brainer.


From there, you can invest your time, focus and attention. And just like real estate, your online business is a long-time investment. It is not also easy to maintain a online business, but it will be even easier with time. Most of the time and effort invested will be used upfront. Once you already learn the right strategies, you can be sure that your investment will go a very long way.

Investing is like planting a tree. You put enough water on it and give it the right amount of sunlight; and waiting for it to grow takes time. But if you plant a tree along with people that knows a lot of farming, you will learn a lot from them. Your plant will later grow good fruits, just like the way you planned. If you want your plan to work, start by doing some actions at the right place.

Don’t look back at the lost time. Instead, make the most of what you still have today.

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” – African proverb.